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LAUREN WILLETT-BENSON - Owner & Founder Veda Yoga Space

In addition to mothering three magical little fairies (one of them brand new!) with her incredible husband and practicing as an avid yogi, Lauren (when she can find the time) channels her creativity and deep seated passion for all things natural by developing unique recipes for purist body products and crafting organically inspired jewelry.

Lauren is well trained in hatha yoga and currently specializes in private instruction for individuals as well as small & large groups. She also offers open outdoor community yoga classes (donation-based) all throughout the summer months at various gorgeous green spaces in her hometown of Buffalo, New York and is working on plans to develop a platform that would allow her to reach students globally. 

Certified in Hatha yoga through the Himalayan Institute, Lauren has been teaching for a decade, combining graceful flowing sequences with the foundational elements of physical and energetic alignment, mindful breath work and deep relaxation. While continually seeking and sharing new means of Self-growth and evolution toward greater health and well-being, her views on life ALWAYS seem to include yoga, a whole-foods plant-based diet, and lots of love, kindness & gratitude. Through VEDA Yoga, Lauren hopes to inspire authentic connection and true transformation within her community and beyond.

"I am an educator. It is in my blood to facilitate others in their search for new ways of thinking and living- I desire to teach a community of individuals how to exist better within their own skin. Our bodies are sacred vessels encompassing our minds and spirits; if we are to find true happiness, we must learn to treat these bodies with respect and reverence. How we feel (inside and out), directly influences how we move through our world.
After being in a car accident several years ago and sustaining injuries at various levels of my spine, I began to search for ways to end the pattern of chronic pain.  Yoga resurfaced in my life and became a healing modality.  It has allowed me to resist surgery and medications while learning to manage pain on my own.  It has given me a sense of confidence and strength as I continue to learn more about not only the physiological aspects of the body and pain management, but also the more subtle energetic and spiritual aspects of Self.  
It is my desire as a yoga instructor, to help others who find themselves walking the same path.  Everyone has the potential to be healthy and radiate well-being, though not everyone may know how to get there.  My classes integrate classical Hatha postures with a wide range of joints and glands movements to loosen muscle restriction, increase blood flow, and relax the mind into a state of contentment.  The practitioner will leave class feeling newly prepared to face bodily discomfort and alleviate the impact of stressful experiences.  During a lengthy systematic relaxation, achieved through breath awareness, we learn to let go of thought and distraction, moving deeper and deeper into the tunnels and alleyways of ourselves.  What we soon discover is a beautiful silence.   
In order to fully know others and affect significant change in our communities, we must hold an awareness of Self. My hope is to open eyes, hearts and minds to the simple beauty that makes up each of our extraordinary existences. Veda translates as sacred knowledge or wisdom, and through a dedicated practice, we learn to recognize this pure truth deep within ourselves and others. Rather than perceiving the individual as a mere outward force which affects and is affected by other outward forces, yoga helps us begin to understand the existence and immense importance of the divine individual within.  When we can view both ourselves and our world holistically, integrated through body, mind and spirit, we begin to move toward a truer experience of life.  This balanced awareness empowers us to conquer hate, grow love, bring peace to chaos and most importantly, to guide body and mind in their unified journey toward light and goodness."
B.A. in English/ Studio Art, University at Buffalo
Ed.M. (Master's in Education), University at Buffalo
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Himalayan Institute Teacher’s Association
Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Seattle Holistic Center
Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher


The goal of this blog is to feature key yoga postures enhanced by relevant commentary and detailed instruction to inspire practitioners of all levels. Photos juxtapose urban environments with the grace and beauty of the human form using stylized aesthetics to offer a new perspective on an ancient practice. The peace associated with yoga is all too often represented in tranquil spaces far removed from daily life of the modern yogi. The VEDA Yoga Blog will help to inspire mindfulness, strength and harmony within the midst of city dwelling. Future goals include corresponding video content, yoga/ healthy lifestyle retreats and a continued effort to give back to the community in the form of donation-based practices. 

While yoga always comes first, on occasion crafting makes it's way into the mix. Lauren has always been inspired by nature. Tying together a love of the earth with a passion for adorning the body, one of a kind artisan jewelry is created. Handcrafted fine silver pendants imprinted with organic matter, sterling chains and findings, feathers and beads are paired with an eclectic collection of gemstones from around the globe. Custom work is always an exciting addition to the workshop. JULU designs uplift and inspire.

Coming soon... TERRA LUXE BODY CO.
Crafter of all things natural, Lauren turned away from conventional body products long ago in an effort to nourish with simple, yet effective toxin-free ingredients. She has been creating and testing products ever since and is now getting ready to launch Terra Luxe in the global marketplace: handmade, small batch organic body care. Terra Luxe utilizes the healing powers of such ingredients as unrefined beeswax, organic plant-based butters and oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Om peace, peace, peace.