Corporate Wellness

YOGA IN THE WORKPLACE  Far too many souls are stressed, overwhelmed and energetically stagnant as they plunge into their workday or become depleted much quicker than they’d prefer.  We aim toward productivity through multi-tasking and overextending. Yoga assists in rebuilding energy stores, clearing the mind and de-stressing the body.  It fosters a more balanced approach to challenges and may increase creativity and problem solving skills by decreasing the harmful effects of stress.  With deeper self-awareness, better relationship building takes place leading to more effective teamwork.  I will bring yoga to you, assisting with stress relief, stiff posture/pain associated with ongoing stationary positions, and mental drain.  You will re-enter your day/week with a sense of energy, clarity, positivity and peace of mind.  Allow yoga to become an integral part of your  wellness program, offering onsite classes for employees.