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Yoga anytime, anywhere! Lauren has led yoga practices in private studio spaces, public outdoor areas, schools (for students and faculty), art galleries, auditoriums, classrooms, living rooms, the workplace, doctors' offices, at festivals & holistic retreats, for bridal parties, couples, children, teens, adults, the elderly, athletes, pregnant women in all stages, and the list goes on. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of creating a yoga practice for yourself or a group, please get in touch!  Below is a *non-exclusive* list of some of these offerings.


INTRODUCTION TO YOGA  No experience necessary. Designed for those who are brand new to yoga. This slower paced 4, 6 or 8 week session will carry students through the basics of yoga practice including diaphramatic breathing, body alignment, comprehensive movements to warm up the body, core asanas, or postures of a hatha practice, and systematic relaxation techniques. Through demonstrations, clear instruction and hands-on assists, this class will work to build a foundation for an ongoing practice.

BEGINNER / GENTLE YOGA FOR HEALTH & HEALING  No experience necessary. Designed for beginners or those who need a more gentle practice for whatever reason, whether injury, pain, chronic stress, advanced age or another. Restore heath and wellness to a delicate body, through focus on alignment, gentle stretching and range of motion exercises. This class is especially recommended for students in search of pain relief.

BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE HATHA FLOW  Class begins with a brief centering followed by an extensive series of warm up movements for the body. Class gradually moves toward more challenging asanas and refinements of the body and breath within various postures, followed by in-depth relaxation. Basic meditation techniques may be taught.

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED HATHA FLOW  Class begins with a brief centering followed by a shorter warm-up of various regions of the body which tend to accumulate tension. Class progresses with a series of flow sequences transitioned by vinyasa to further warm the body. The bulk of class will revolve around refinement of postures. More challenging variations may be offered and asanas may be held longer to allow the practitioner to focus on the energetic subtleties of the posture. Relaxation may be followed by short guided meditation.

YOGA FOR ALL LEVELS/ MIXED LEVEL  This hatha class is structured so that anyone may participate, no matter the level of experience.  Poses are clearly demonstrated offering a number of variations to suit any practitioner.  Yoga's inherently non-competitive nature allows each individual to work to his/her desired capacity on any given day.

PRIVATE SESSIONS  Private sessions will be tailored to your individual needs. The first meeting will include a consultation to discuss your personal goals. The subsequent sessions will address those goals specifically, whether they include pain management, development of form, deepening of practice, strengthening or stretching specific areas of the body, calming the mind, managing stress or anxiety, etc


YOGA IN THE WORKPLACE/ CORPORATE WELLNESS  Far too many souls are stressed, overwhelmed and energetically stagnant as they plunge into their workday or become depleted much quicker than they’d prefer.  We aim toward productivity through multi-tasking and overextending. Yoga assists in rebuilding energy stores, clearing the mind and de-stressing the body.  It fosters a more balanced approach to challenges and may increase creativity and problem solving skills by decreasing the harmful effects of stress.  With deeper self-awareness, better relationship building takes place leading to more effective teamwork.  I will bring yoga to you, assisting with stress relief, stiff posture/pain associated with ongoing stationary positions, and mental drain.  You will re-enter your day/week with a sense of energy, clarity, positivity and peace of mind.  Allow yoga to become an integral part of your  wellness program, offering onsite classes for employees.  

PRENATAL / POSTNATAL YOGA  No experience is necessary, just a desire to relieve stress, anxiety, and any pregnancy pains you may be experiencing (inside or out!).  Deeply connect with your growing baby and savor the beauty in these magical early stages of mothering.  Prepare your body and mind for the challenges and intense emotions that accompany labor, delivery and healthy postpartum healing and recovery.  The class can also offer expecting moms (and/or new moms) a comfortable place to connect with other women and build a strong network of support while moving through the incredible life changes of pregnancy, child birth, and beyond.

BRIDAL PARTY YOGA  Yoga for the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the bride, the groom, or the soon to be newlywed couple! This is a fun way to bring everyone together to connect, center and stretch it out before the big event (...and of course gain some added muscle tone ;). Some wedding parties like to kick off the wedding weekend with a rehearsal day yoga practice, some prefer to start their magical day with an unforgettable sunrise practice. Calm any nerves, alleviate any tension, allow yourself to come into your body and mindspace with full awareness and a wholeness that will allow you to be fully present for one of the biggest days of your life! This can be done as an individual class or a series of classes, for an individual or for your entire wedding party.

YOGA FOR CHILDREN  On the surface, kids' yoga creates an extremely valuable platform for learning about the mechanics of the body, becoming familiar with body parts, coordinating movement and following directions. On a deeper level it aides in stress and anxiety reduction (yes, children suffer from these ailments also, though the effects may manifest differently than in an adult), self-control, anger management and creating a general tool kit for dealing with emotionally difficult experiences.  It also supports the essential elements of self-expression and self-confidence. Even more communal emotions such an respect, kindness, acceptance and love for others are developed and nurtured through the various aspects of a yoga practice. Yoga kids are happy kids!